OEM Sensors for the Medical Industry

These sensors are used for the measurement of mechanical stress for monitoring force in medical infusion devices, or sensors and display units employed in patient weighing systems.

Please note: The images of our products shown below are samples for reference only, as there are many variations available. Please contact oemsensors@hbm.com for more information. 

Blade Sensor

Full active strain gauge bridge miniature thin blade sensor are used in medical pumps for force pressure measurements. The blade sensor can be made into various shapes and sizes and for different capacities and is ideal for obtaining a force output with limited space available.

Beam and Force Sensor

Customized beam and force sensors are designed to fit existing structures or to turn an existing structure into an active sensor.  They are most often used for weighing and monitoring a patient in a hospital bed or stretcher. The materials are designed to meet the performance and accuracy requirements. 

Hermetic Strain Gauge Based Sensor for Autoclave and KOH

Hermetic strain gauge based sensor are used in autoclave and KOH for medical devices and instruments. Glass to metal sealing provides force measurements in a construction fully capable of KOH/autoclave cleaning. All custom shapes are available to specifically match customer force specifications.

Synthesis Machinery / Plunger Sensor

Force sensor are used in synthesis machinery or plunger sensor. The sensor is an eccentrically compensated center loaded force sensor, which is customized to match tight space requirements, in turn, providing accuracy in a full bridge configuration.

S-Type Beam Sensor

Compression or tension sensors are ideally set for many applications, including a patient lift system. 

Flat Beam Sensor

This is a low-profile force load sensor used in applications such as neonatal incubators. The moment canceling thin profile beam sensor is ideal for space limiting applications. These can be configured to match the customer space envelope and capacity.

Torque and Power Meter Sensor

Torque and power meter sensors are reactionary torque sensors with high / low torque ranges which is ideal for robotic tools. This sensor is customized to fit the exact requirements in designing for robotics, rehabilitation and exercise bicycles and equipment.  

Standard and Custom Strain Gauges

Strain gauges with various creep compensation values are specifically designed for transducer manufacturing. HBM is one of the largest strain gauge manufacturers in the world. Therefore, hundreds of strain gauge designs are available. If one is not available, HBM can design a customized strain gauge to meet your specific needs.

Digital AED Transducer Electronics

The AED converts the signals supplied by analog load cells into digital data and helps make the implementation of your process control systems easy and convenient.

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