Please note: The images of our products shown below are samples to be used as a reference point as there are many variations available. Please contact for more information. 

Planting Downforce Load Sensor

Smart pins, washers, and links are placed within a grain planter row unit where they measure load on the system, and allow for hydraulic/pneumatic adjustment to ensure proper planting depth while avoiding over compaction.

Grain Flow Yield Monitor

Robust and high accuracy grain impact yield monitor used in agricultural harvesters. This highly engineered product allows for farmers to accurately map out their harvest yield.

Seed and Fertilizer Tank Weight

Durable bending beam and single point type load cell designed to withstand dynamic vibration and overload conditions to provide reliable grain, seed, and fertilizer tank weights.

Baler Sensor

Baler plunger load pin, engineered to provide sensing control of the baler capacity and compression force.

Tractor Draft Pin

Tractor linkage shear pin measures the force between the tractor and the implement.  It allows for task specific automatic control of the draft and implement position.

Vehicle Torque Sensor

Industry leading custom torque measurement, from internal combustion to electric drive motors, torque is a critical measurement in determining mechanical efficiency and power distribution to the wheels and implement.

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