Webinar: Real-Time Automation and Data Analysis in Test Stands

Date and time:

  Wednesday, June 13th 2018     10:00 am (CET Berlin)

In this webinar you will be shown the possible uses of an Industrial Ethernet gateway. Measured data are integrated via PROFINET® or EtherCAT® in millisecond intervals into an automation system for fully automated and simulated operation of a powertrain or component test bench.

In parallel, the measurement data can also be recorded at a higher measurement rate via data streaming in a computer with data acquisition software without affecting the real-time automation tasks.


This webinar is free of charge. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us under webinar@hbm.com.

Your webinar host:

Christof Salcher

Product Manager at HBM



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Real-Time Automation and Data Analysis in Test Stands

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