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Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data.

06/2018 5.2.2 319 MB

This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

07/2013 1.9.0 74 KB

Never miss an event again with HBM Push

Get the new App HBM Push on your mobile device and never miss an important event again. For long-term monitoring of any kind, especially the monitoring of bridges, railways or test benches etc., you can define events of your interest in catman. Whenever one of these events occurs, you'll get a HBM Push message.

New Features in catman 5.2

Lab Testing

  • Support of GOM Aramis 3D Motion and Deformation Sensor
  • Enhanced FS22DI device support
    • Support NTP synchronization
    • Support new sample rate 1000S/s



General New Features

  • Personal formula library for algebra calculations
  • Enhanced analysis and post process functions
    • New channel overflow event
    • Add single channels to analysis project
    • Enhanced search in test explorer using meta data parameters
  • Enhancements for applications with high channel counts (100-1000 channels)
    • Edit multiple online computations in one step
    • Intelligent renaming of channels
    • Online algebra computations with channels of mixed sample rate
  • Many new functions in EasyScript
    • E.g. functions to directly access data during a measurement

Mobile DAQ

  • Enhanced device support
    • QuantumX CX22B-W-R: UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) feature support
    • Enhanced synchronization status display
  • Visualization of GPS data in Baidu map




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