PW6D - 相同的特性, 更好的選擇.PW6D 荷重感測器和 PW2D 感測器有相同的特性,但是有以下區別:

  • 額定量程
  • 秤台面積
  • 高度.

Precise measurement results

  • Precise weighing with accuracy class C3 MR (Multi Range)
  • Very stable signal with 6-wire configuration, also finds utility in the event of temperature and resistance fluctuations in the connection line
  • High output signal due to the use of “Modco” strain gauge technology
  • Off-center load compensation (OIML R76)
  • Shielded connection cable ensures high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

Precise results due to high measurement accuracy and immunity to interference

High-speed measurements

  • Uniquely high measuring speed due to high stiffness of the measuring body
  • Very small nominal (rated) displacement ranging from 0.18 mm to 0.29 mm, depending on the measuring range
  • Extremely high fundamental frequency up to 790 Hz
  • Ideal measuring body geometry for platform sizes up to 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Industry standard–compliant dimensions

Immensely fast weighing due to the measuring body’s high stiffness and fundamental frequency

Extensive options

  • Seven different maximum capacities available (3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg)
  • Different cable lengths ranging from 0.35 m to 6 m available
  • Connection cable in 6-wire configuration available as an option to enable cables can be cut to length individually
  • Balanced signal output allows parallel connection of multiple load cells
  • Restricted minimum scale interval (Vmin) for multi-range applications as standard

Individually configurable with different cable lengths and signal outputs

最大秤台面積 300x300 mm . 標準型號採用350 mm 遮罩4線電纜,另外, HBM 還提供其它擴展選擇, 更長的電纜(最大 6 m), 可調整的輸出或多量程的最小檢定分度值.

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