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FS42PI Portable BraggMETER: Compact Optical Interrogator with Embedded Software

The FS42PI Portable BraggMETER is the most effective way of supporting the installation of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors in the field or for short measurement tasks in laboratory applications.

It can run on batteries or be plugged into an external power source, and is supplied with an easily removable bag for protection and transport. This is a unique and unparalleled solution that allows accurate FBG measurements in the field without the need for an external power supply or PC.

Dedicated embedded software and a touchscreen interface provide an easy and effective way to control the unit without any further devices. It is also possible to control the unit remotely and stream data in real time via the Ethernet port using SCPI commands.


The FS42PI Portable BraggMETER is fitting for both experienced operators and those new to the technology due to its simplified operation and autonomous algorithms:

  • Smart Peak Detection (SPD) for long-term, accurate measurements even in demanding networks with fluctuating and uneven sensor signals
  • User friendly software, BraggMONITOR PI, with touchscreen interface
  • Windows® 10 IoT operating system with direct access from the software for data management

The FS42PI is designed for working under field conditions, allowing you to focus on the main installation or measurement task, and reducing the setup time of the data acquisition system.

  • Extended battery life (5 hours of operation on a single charge) and changeable battery packs for smooth autonomy extension

The portable concept makes transportation and all-in-one operation easy:

  • Carrying bag with zipper for easy application/removal
  • Controlled weight (6kg)
  • Optical interrogator, power supply, PC with software combined in the same package

The device is suitable for a large number of applications – from on-site instalations, to production control, including short-term tests in laboratories:

  • Extended operating temperature ranges for demanding environments (0 ºC [32 ºF] to 50 ºC [122 ºF])
  • Remote operation via SCPI commands for control or integration in other systems

The FS42PI´s self-maintenance prevents lengthy downtimes

  • Removable connector panel for optical adapter cleaning
  • Fan filter for dust protection that can be replaced and/or cleaned whenever needed.

Portable, High-end Optical Interrogator

  • 100 nm wavelength measurement range
  • 1 S/s acquisition rate
  • 4 optical connectors with parallel acquisition
  • 125 sensors per optical connector (500 sensors total)
  • Optical spectrum viewing and saving
  • Local data logging


  • Built-in PC with software and touchscreen interface
  • Rugged carrying case for easy transportation

Optimized for field installation and commissioning of sensing networks


  • BraggMONITOR PI with full data logging capability
  • Easy operation for both experts and beginners

Renewed data saving, managing, and exporting; optical spectrum analysis and sensor configuration made easy


  • Up to 6 h of autonomy
  • Changeable batteries 
  • Optimized design

Enhanced power management for longer periods of operation in the field

Product Literature

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Declaration of Conformity
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