Predictive Maintenance avoids expensive downtime Predictive Maintenance avoids expensive downtime | HBM

Ensuring high availability: Predictive Maintenance Avoids Expensive Downtime

Regardless of all technical possibilities: Even the most reliable machine refuses to work sometimes. This results in additional costs. In particular, when production stops. Predictive maintenance is able to prevent this. To achieve this, systems continuously analyze their status themselves. Impending problems are reported in a timely manner. Subsequent maintenance work ensures that the machine remains operational.

Humans, machines and products permanently intercommunicate in the smart factory. This exchange results in efficient production processes and autonomous supply chains. In addition, production outages can be avoided: For example, when, after self-diagnosis, a production system reports potential problems. Based on transmitted status data, companies know where and when defects are likely to occur. Predictive maintenance helps prevent them.

Analytics and big data used in predictive maintenance open up new possibilities for proactive maintenance of production systems. They are thus a valuable addition to existing maintenance strategies. Predictive maintenance enables expensive downtime to be avoided.