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espressoDAQ - USB Data Acquisition System

The espressoDAQ USB DAQ System (DQ430, DQ401, DQ809) has been replaced by QuantumX MX440B and QuantumX MX840B.

QuantumX MX440B: 4-channel universal amplifier

Are you looking for a cost-effective entry into universal measurement acquisition? Trust in the QuantumX MX440B amplifier module. MX440B features four channels supporting over 15 different sensor and transducer types. Of course it also offers full APM (Advanced Plug & Measure) functionality: Connect the transducer ... and start measuring immediately!

QuantumX MX440B

QuantumX MX840B: 8-channel universal amplifier

MX840B is the 8-channel universal amplifier of HBM's QuantumX data acquisition system. MX840B convinces not only by its compact size - but also by its outstanding flexibility, measurement performance and ease of use.

QuantumX MX840B