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Strain Gauge Measurements by HBM - Perfectly matched components and professional installation services

How can you be confident that your measurement results are reliable and accurate? It's easy:

  • Equipment: rely on HBM's perfectly matched components: strain gauges, sensors, data acquisition systems and data acquisition  software.
  • Getting the job done: hire our professional and experienced Engineers to do the installations and /or perform the measurements and analysis for you.

How does an Electrical Strain Gauge Work?


6 Tips for a Quick & Effective Strain Gauge Installation

  1. Clean the space with a handheld sander or sand blaster and a surface cleaning agent 

  2. Use prewired strain gauges* to avoid soldering

  3. Select the right adhesive

  4. Protect strain gauges around their entire surface

  5. Connect the strain gauges to an amplifier, such as something similar to the QuantumX MX1615

  6. Select the right analysis software.


Quantum X Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

  • Reliable data acquisition of different physical quantities and sensor technologies, 
  • Flexible: Every module is a data acquisition unit
  • High measurement accuracy due to patented technology
  • Long-term stability along with an integrated calibration certificate

catman: Data Acquisition Software

The right data acquisition software (DAQ) for:

  • aquisition
  • vizualization
  • storage
  • analysis
  • reporting of measurement data


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"HBM did an excellent job. They were fast, efficient, and even flexible when we needed additional help. We were pleased that HBM could assist us on short notice and help out with analysis and expert assistance during the testing" Gunleik Sandsmark, IRIS’s project manager.