Fluxgate Based, for Non Intrusive, Isolated Current Measurement

The HBM CTS/CTM series of current transducers feature industry standard, fluxgate, closed-loop technology. The second harmonic zero flux detection ensures the highest accuracy and lowest drift. With the high bandwidth support, they can be used with fast rise time signals, such as those found in electric drives or other inverter based power applications. The 1 HE rack mountable interface unit can support any mix of up to six CTs. 


  • ppm class accuracy 
  • High bandwidth 
  • Flat bandpass behavior 
  • Superior dynamic response

Highest possible accuracy – for AC or DC signals 

Easy to Use

  • Industry standard 9 pin connector 
  • Small form factor power supply  
  • Large aperture size 
  • Wide operating temp range

Easy to Use – mounted in minutes 


  • Full aluminum body for superior EMI shielding 
  • Status LED on CT 
  • ASPC circuit to prevent damage by misuse 
  • Large overload capacity

Reliable operation – advanced EMC and overload protection

Shop Our Current Transducers:

  • Broad range from 50 A rms to 1200 A rms   

  • 1 or 2 ppm accuracy 

  • - 40°C to + 85°C operating range

  • Complete solution with interface unit, connection cables and burden resistors

  • Interface unit to power and support up to 6 transducers


Current Transducer Types

TypeMaximum current AC Maximum current DCBandwidth (-3dB) Ratio Aperture size 
CTS50ID 50 A RMS +/- 75 A1000 kHz 1 : 500 27.6 mm 
CTS200ID 200 A RMS +/- 300 A500 kHz 1 : 500 27.6 mm 
CTS400ID 400 A RMS +/- 600 A 300 kHz 1 : 2000 27.6 mm 
CTS600ID600 A RMS +/- 900 A500 kHz 1 : 1500 27.6 mm 
CTM1200ID1200 A RMS+/- 1500 A400 kHz1 : 150045 mm

with 400 mA rms calibration option

1200 A RMS +/- 1500 A15 kHz1 : 1500 45 mm 

The HBM CTS series of current transducers is “powered by ”.

Easy to Wire up

See how easy it is to wire up HBM current transducers with your machine and a Power Analyzer.

All accessories like connection cables and an interface unit to power up to six current transducers are available from HBM.


Current Transducers 3D CAD STEP Files

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Current Transducers arquivos CAD
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