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InField - Analysis Software Program

Infield was designed to enhance the field test collection and data visualization process by making sure you never leave the field without the numbers you need.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Data Visualization
  • Powerful Analysis
  • Extensive Plotting and Graphing Displays
  • Streamlined for Use with Somat Hardware
  • Ensures Good Field Data Prior to Leaving the Testing Site
  • Expansion Modules
  • Advanced Channel Sorting
  • Multiple File Format Support
  • Easy Report Generation
  • quickly and easily copy and paste your report graphs into Microsoft® Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

InField was designed with test and design engineers in mind.

We have compiled a suite of tools ranging from easy-to-use plotting capabilities to powerful engineering tools needed to make tough design decisions.


Identify statistics such as Max and Min, Standard Deviation, RMS, Mean and more.


Perform a wide range of mathematical functions on your data.


Design your own digital filter to apply to your data. You can select Butterworth or a FIR filter and design a low pass, high pass, band stop or band pass filter.


DataModes™ allow you to reformat time history data into various other formats such as; Time at Level Histograms, Peak Valley Histograms, Burst Histories, Rainflow or just convert to another time history with different triggering or gating options.

  • Histogram
  • XY Plots
  • Over Plot
  • Multi Plot
  • Tabular

Analysis DataModes

  • Time History
  • Burst History
  • Time at Level
  • Peak Valley
  • Peak Valley Matrix
  • Rainflow


Signal Calculator

Frequency Analysis

  • Auto Power Spectrum Analysis

Digital Filter Design

Integer Based Upsampling

Meta Data Editor

Script Player


  • Analysis Scripts
  • Plot Scripts
  • Workspace Scripts
  • eDAQ Channel Report
  • Burst Splitter
  • Run Splitter

File Formats (Reading)

  • Somat (.SIF and .SIE)
  • Somat 2100 (.DAT)
  • nCode (.DAC)
  • JD MDAS (.TH, .PV, .MD, .1D, .2D)
  • ASCII (.ASC and .TXT)

File Format Translators (Writing)

  • Somat (.SIF and .SIE)
  • nCode (.DAC)
  • NI® (.TDM and .TDMS)
  • ASCII (.ASC and .TXT)
  • Verbose ASCII (.TXT)
  • Verbose ASCII with Tim (.TXT)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows® NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6a, Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
  • Pentium class PC (300 MHz or higher recommended)
  • 32 MB RAM (64 recommended)
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • 16 bit (or higher) color display

Expansion Modules

Extend the Power of InField with Expansion Modules

Test Control Module (INFIELD-TCN)

InField Test Control for Somat Systems Allows Better Insight into Your Data

  • Integrated Data, Visualization and Analysis
  • Advanced Real Time Displays
  • Overlay, XY Plot, Angular Gage and More
  • Including Over-Range Alarms
  • Automated Post-Run Tasks and Analysis

Relative Damage Comparator (INFIELD-RDC)

This analysis module compares selected channels with regard to their potential for causing fatigue damage. The first channel selected will be a reference to which other selected channels are compared. Channels are compared in three different fatigue life regimes: fatigue crack propagation, long life and low cycle fatigue.

Rosette Analysis (INFIELD-ROSETTE)

Rosette Analysis converts the three strains from a rosette strain gage (rectangular or delta) into orthogonal axial strains and/or stresses. Optionally, these can be further resolved into principle strains, principle stresses, tensile or shear strains at arbitrary angles, Von Mises stress, etc. Rosette strain gages eliminate the problem of perfectly orienting single strain gages; strain at any angle can be later computed with Rosette Analysis.

Advanced Frequency Module (INFIELD-FREQ)

This module allows a user to perform FFT, Inverse FFT, and FRF analysis on time domain data. This module also provides a frequency-based resampling tool. The desired sample rate does not need to be an integer multiple. For example, you can resample 204.8Hz to 200Hz.


MATLAB File Format Version 5.0
Read and Write (.MAT)


DADiSP File Format
Write (.DSP)

Documents & Downloads

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Somat InField - Brochure English
Manuais de Operação
Operating Manual English
Somat InField

This is the latest and final version of Infield. Please note that previous versions of Infield are in the Download Archive below. Please check the version of Infield that your license is authorized for. If you download and install a newer version than your license is valid for your license will not work. Infield will only open as a basic viewer with none of the advanced features you may have purchased. If you do not know your authorized version please contact [email protected].

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