Checkweighing for your 100%-Quality Control

This webinar is about 100% quality control via checkweighing. After a general introduction to the topic, we will talk about the advantages of checkweighing with load cells based on strain gauge technology compared to other technologies. Questions such as "Which products are best suitable to build your own checkweigher?" will be answered. In addition, we will also give a live demonstration on how the well established HBM checkweighing algorithm, signal analysis, and on-the-fly filter simulation work. Together, we will configure a checkweigher to apply our theoretical knowledge.


Date and Time:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

10 a.m., CET (Berlin)
9 a.m., GMT (London)
5 p.m., SGT (Singapore)
7 a.m., BRT (Brazil)

The length of the webinar is approximately 30 minutes.



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Checkweighing with Load Cells – 05 Oct. 17

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Your webinar host:

Thomas Langer

Product and Application Manager