X120: Cold-Curing Adhesive for Optical and Electrical Strain Gauges

The X120 two-component adhesive is intended for installing optical fibres and electrical strain gauges for high-strain measurements. It cures at room temperature and has a high heat resistance.

The adhesive is simple and easy to use. To apply the adhesive, attach the mixing nozzle onto the 1-X120 two-component cartridge and insert it into the applicator. The applied adhesive's curing time depends on the ambient temperature.

  • Storage temperature: +15°C up to +25°C
  • Shelf life: 12 months. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.
  • Operating temperature: -55°C up to +120°C

Why wait? Order the X120 two-component adhesive now (1-X120). A 50 ml cartridge and two mixing nozzles are included in the scope of supply.

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