HBM’s single point load cells are used on the OPTI-MIX 50 Gravimetric batch blender from TSM to ensure high accuracy.

Load cells ensure high accuracy in latest Weigh Blending Systems

TSM Control Systems of Dundalk in Ireland is using HBM’s single point load cells to ensure high accuracy in its range of Weigh Blending Systems.

TSM Control Systems of Dundalk in Ireland is using HBM’s single point load cells to ensure high accuracy in its range of Weigh Blending Systems. The Weigh Blending Systems measure a recipe of different plastic granules by weight and then blend the resulting mix so that it can be used in different types of plastic processing. Examples include packaging material such as food wrap or the internal wrapping bags in cereal boxes used in the food industry.

TSM uses HBM SP4M load cell

HBM SP4M load cell

TSM are leading suppliers of Precision Weigh Blending Systems and have been manufacturing Gravimetric Blending Systems for 25 years. Its machines vary in capacity from a maximum batch weight of 0.5kg in the smallest system up to 32kg in the largest system. The larger machines can take up to 12 different material components to make the final mixture. Most of the machines are fitted with a single HBM SP4M load cell but some of the larger models have two units.

Each batch comprises different types of plastic granules mixed by weight with about 60 to 80 per cent of the mixture being virgin granules while the remainder comprises recycled material and may also contain additional additives and colouring to produce a unique blend when processed.

TSM prides itself on ensuring accurate blend ratios and consistent batch homogeneity to give superior performance over competitive blenders. This makes it very important to specify a highly accurate and reliable load cell that can deliver the performance required to meet its customers’ expectations and ensure consistent batch accuracy and repeatability.

"The HBM load cells do exactly what we need them to do"

TSM has been using the SP4M single point load cell for the past five to six years. Michael McKiernan, Design Engineer at TSM Control Systems says, “We like the open construction of the SP4 load cells since there are no guards. This prevents granules from getting lodged around the load cell which is a big advantage when working with plastic granules.”

HBM’s SP4M single point load cells have maximum capacities from 1kg up to 200kg and are available in C6 quality models to give the highest measurement accuracy currently possible using strain-gage technology in mass-production. Load cells with C6 accuracy enable legal-for-trade scales with a permissible number of 6,000 verification intervals to be produced. Notes McKiernan, “The HBM load cells are accurate and very reliable and do exactly what we need them to do”.

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