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Investigation of the influence of transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) on calibration results

The international standard IEEE 1451.4 is the basis for transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS), where information related to the transducer like serial number or nominal sensitivity is stored into a chip inside the transducer. For bridge type sensors, with a novel circuit (patent pending) it is possible to read the TEDS information for 6-wire bridge sensors without additional wires by using the sense lines.

The paper shows the investigations of the influence of TEDS on measurement results. Voltage ratio calibrations with TEDS between measuring amplifier and calibration unit had been carried out at different carrier frequencies.

Verification measurements with the TEDS chip built into a force transducer checked for the technical specifications e.g. temperature behavior of the nominal sensitivity. Additional investigations focus on different linearization methods checked with force and voltage ratio calibrations.

With force calibration according to ISO 376 a 3rd degree polynomial equation is calculated from the calibration results. With a new kind of amplifier it is possible to store the coefficients of this polynomial equation and make an online calculation. The results of the measurements when using TEDS to store the coefficients and read into the amplifier are presented.

Presentation for the XVIII IMEKO WORLD CONGRESS 2006 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.