Measurement technology solutions for medical applications

As medical-technical progress opens up new paths regarding diagnostics, treatments and therapies, the rate of innovation is constantly increasing. Safe, reliable, efficient, comfortable, functional - the requirements posed on developers of medical engineering devices are also constantly increasing.

From sensors to amplifiers to software - you can find the right solution for your application at HBM. Profit from more than 60 years of measurement engineering experience! In addition to high-quality standard products, we also develop innovative individual solutions together with you.

Multiple application options

Our medical engineering products are used widely in the medical branch. Here are a few examples ...

  • Lifters: Weighing hospital patients

    In order to make patient weighing safer and more comfortable for both the patient and the carers, weighing technology can be integrated in various lifter types. The increasing numbers of bariatric or adipose patients also require special devices. HBM can also offer medical engineering solutions in this case, e.g. the easily integrated suspended scale SLS with a particularly high nominal load.

  • Blood bag scale: Monitoring the blood volume

    Blood bag scales monitor and stop the blood donation process according to the volume specifications required by the blood bank. Single point load cells of the type PW4 are often used here.

  • Dosed filling of pharmaceuticals: Aseptic production with hygienic load cells

    The aseptic production of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or other products places the highest of requirements on safety and hygiene. The PW27 hygienic load cell meets these requirements.

  • Infusion pumps: Determination of the pressure on the syringe plunger

    Infusion pumps are used for the intravenous administration of infusions. Special strain gauge-based load cells are used here to monitor the pressure on the syringe plunger.

  • Blood separation: Volume measurement of blood components

    The volumes of individual blood components such as red and white blood cells or plasma are measured during blood separation by means of single point load cells.

  • Hand and finger dynamometers: Measuring bending and stretching forces

    With the HFD 200 hand and finger dynamometer, the doctor has available a diagnosis and rehabilitation system for the human hand. The bending and stretching forces of the hand are measured by the integrated HBM force transducers.


Application options

  • Mobile patient weighing
    Weighing technology integrated in lifters
  • Blood donations
    Monitoring the blood volume
  • Dosed filling of pharmaceuticals
    Aseptic production with hygienic load cells
  • Infusion pumps
    Determination of the pressure on the syringe plunger
  • CPR
    Monitoring the pressing force
  • Hand and finger dynamometers
    Measuring the bending and stretching forces of the hand

Customer-defined solutions

  • Innovative customized solutions
  • Rapid realization using fast prototyping
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