An Introduction to Electric Power Testing for Project Teams: Online or On-Site Workshops

Are you looking for a workshop on electric power testing tailored to your company's needs? Then let our experience work for you! Together we can chart out a content framework, determine the needs and expectations of your employees, and create a workshop tailor-made for you.

    Tailored Learning Material

    • Tailor-made learning content adapted to your formulation of the assignment
    • Know-how of HBM Academy trainers directly on-site for you

    Easy Learning

    • The workshops are split into three sections: theory, practice, repeat
    • Our trainers  focus on fostering a collaborative environment for all participants

    Online or On-site

    • Daily flat rate which includes all costs for the trainers, preparation, and accompanying material
    • On-site in your company / institution is generally financially feasible with 5 or more participants

    Electric Power Testing with HBM

    HBM provides the entire measurement chain for electrical power testing - from electrical machine testing to high voltage and complex inverter control testing in the automotive, ground vehicle, and aerospace industry as well as the manufacturing, production, and energy industries.

    Our solution covers sensors, hardware, and software for testing electrical inverters and electrical machines. Mechanical signals (e.g. torque) and electrical signals (current and voltage) are acquired simultaneously, helping you to better understand the electric drive and its losses within minutes.

    Get in touch to discuss how your custom workshop could look like and receive a free, non binding offer for an online workshop tailored to your companies or team members' needs

    Topics range from:

    • Electric motor NVH
    • Torque ripple
    • Dynamic power testing (mobile or Drive cycles)
    • Electric aircraft
    • ... and more!

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    Mitchell Marks, business developement manager, is among HBM's many experts in electric machine and drivetrain testing. He has a Masters in electrical engineering and is looking foward to answering any questions regarding our workshop, products or applications.

    Further Reading

    Solución eDrive de HBM
    La solución eDrive Testing de HBM tiene 2 componentes: un analizador de potencia y un sistema DAQ, para pruebas de motores eléctricos.
    Base de conocimiento sobre análisis de potencia
    El analizador de potencia de HBM le dice lo que ocurre en su inversor y su motor eléctrico. Conózcalo a fondo en nuestra base de conocimiento.
    Medición de par
    Soluciones de medición de par completas, de un único fabricante. HBM es su socio en cualquier situación que requiera hacer medidas.
    Contáctenos Contacte con HBM si desea saber más sobre lo que HBM le puede ofrecer.