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MGAII/ME Measuring System: Industrial Measurement Electronics for Plug-In Cards

The MGAII/ME measuring system provides different ME plug-in cards that allow the acquisition of various process-related measurement quantities like force, pressure, weight, or torque, which are ideal for centralized data processing in a control cabinet. Whether your application involves fast force measurement in punching and pressing applications or weighing tasks that require good long-term stability, MGAII/ME is based on measurement technology that is ideally suited to allow for versatile use in production and assembly lines. The measuring system’s robust design and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensure dependable results, up to accuracy class 0.1, at a very high resolution due to its dual-range measurement technology.

Accuracy class: 0.1
Housing: 19-Inch plug-in card format
Voltage output: ±10 V
Measuring inputs: for common signals in production, test stands, and weighing technology

Please note: MGAII/ME is available until the end of 2019 and is being replaced with the new and precise signal conditioner ClipX!

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Product Literature

Titre / DescriptionLangue
Fiches techniques
MGA II - Data Sheet English
MGA ll - Caractéristiques techniques Français
MGA ll - Datenblatt German
MGA ll - Dati tecnici Italian
Control de procesos industriales con HBM - Folleto Spanish
Controle de processo industrial com HBM - Folheto Portuguese
Controllo dei processi industriali con HBM - Opuscolo Italian
HBM 산업용 공정 제어 - 브로셔 Korean
HBM工業用プロセス制御 - パンフレット Japanese
HBM的工业过程控制 - 手册 Chinese
Industrial process control with HBM - Brochure English
Industrielle Prozesskontrolle mit HBM - Broschüre German
Le contrôle de process industriel avec HBM - Brochure Français
Manuels d’emploi
ME10 - Manuale di istruzione Italian
ME10 - Manuel d’emploi Français, German, English
ME250 S6 - Manuale di istruzione Italian
ME250 S6 - Operating Manual English, German
ME30 - Manuale di istruzione Italian
ME30 / ME30S8 - Manuel d'utilisation Français, English, German
ME50 - Manuale di istruzione Italian
ME50 - Manuel d’emploi Français, German, English
ME50S6 - Manuel d'utilisation Français, German, English
MGA II - Operating Manual English
MGA ll - Bedienungsanleitung German
MGA ll - Manuale di istruzione Italian
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable)- Déclaration de Conformité Multilingue
MGA II CAE data for Eplan Electric P8

This project is a macro-project and contains CAE data for Eplan Electric P8.

Date: 03/2012  |  Version: 1.00  |  Size: 19 MB

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