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One Step Ahead with eDrive Test Systems by HBM: Electrical Plus Mechanical Power and More

The dynamic testing of electrical machines and electrical drive trains is a key task in the development of an emission-free electrical future. To significantly increase the efficiency of next generation machines, drives, cars and larger vehicles, it is essential to test and improve every machine and drive as accurately as possible throught the actual drive cycles it will experience.

The eDrive solution from HBM covers the entire measurement chain for testing electrical inverters and electrical machines: high-precision sensors, powerful instruments and intuitive software. Mechanical signals (e.g. torque) and electrical signals (current and voltage) are acquired simultaneously and help engineers to better understand the electrical drive and its losses faster and more accurately than ever before.

The Measurement Chain from HBM

The HBM measurement chain starts with the sensors. For example, with ultra-stable and high-precision low-noise current transformers that measure alternating and direct currents in electrical drive trains and inverters with an accuracy of up to 1ppm. While eDrive can measure up to 1.5kV directly, it also offers high-voltage divider differential probes, such as the HVD50R, which provide stable test results and an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.1% for converter-based applications with voltages above 1.5 kV.

Power Analyzers

The eDrive power analyzers from HBM are tailored to power measurements on electric motors and inverters and deliver an unprecedented capability for power calculation based on digital cycle detection. Cycle detect allows the power analyzer to provide reliable results even with dynamic load changes, i.e. changes in torque and speed where conventional power measurement devices simply fail. eDrive power analysers offer 3, 6 or 9 power channels and can be expanded with additional channels, mechanical inputs such as acceleration or temperature or with input cards with higher sampling rates, to meet possible future requirements.


HBM‘s Perception software is designed for high speed data acquisition, and is able to aquire data at up to 400MB/s. If you are only interested in short segments of data the eDrive system offers a wide variety of triggering options. Visualization of these large data sets is simple thanks to the patented StatStream technology, up to 10 gigabytes of data can be visualised on your PC quickly and securely within 10 seconds. HBM's eDrive solutions provide a fast understanding of the dynamic behavior of machines and drives, enabling engineers to bring safe and powerful products to market faster.

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