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Expand your knowledge with our product overview and how-to videos to help answer your frequently asked questions. 

Company and Product Overview Videos


Introduction to HBM: An Insider's Perspective


An Introduction to OEM Sensors 

How-to Videos

catman DAQ Software

First Measurement - Step by Step
Channel List Overview
catman Sensor Settings
Assign Sample Rates and Filters in catman
catman Online Calculations
Rainflow Classification with catman
catman Online Visualizations
catman WebServer
catman DAQ Jobs Overview
Parallel Recording in catman
Signal Monitoring of Frequency in catman
First Steps in catman Analysis Mode
catman Analysis Mode Overview
Calculations in catman Analysis Mode
Visualizations in catman Analysis Mode
Reporting in Word with catman

For more information about catman DAQ software visit the catman knowledge base.


Configuring Net Address on FS22 BraggMeters
Compensating for Temperature in Optical Measurements
Optical Sensor Installation: Cleaning the Surface
Optical Sensor Installation: FS62PSS Installation
Optical Sensor Installation: Protecting the Sensor

Genesis HighSpeed

Genesis HighSpeed Perception Updating Your Perception License

Genesis HighSpeed Perception User Modes


Genesis HighSpeed Performing a Shunt Calibration for the GN410 & 411 GHS Bridge Boards


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Trace Markers


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Managing Sheets


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Report Option


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Analysis Option


Genesis HighSpeed Review Sweeps vs. Review Recording Perception Displays


Genesis HighSpeed Amplifier Modes


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Logfile


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Dual Mode Recording


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Software Structure


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Cursors


Genesis HighSpeed Opening Multiple Data Files in Perception

Genesis HighSpeed Configuring Master Slave Set Ups

Genesis HighSpeed Configuring Piezoresistive Accelerometers


Genesis HighSpeed-Perception STL Analysis Option for Switchgear Testing


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Quick Start Demonstration


HBM Genesis HighSpeed Perception Real Time Formula Database Option

Genesis HighSpeed Perception User Keys
Genesis HighSpeed Real-time Calculations
Genesis HighSpeed Configuring a Perception Display
Genesis HighSpeed Perception Setting up Digital I/O 44-pin Connector
Genesis HighSpeed Perception Setting up Digital I/O 9-pin Connector



QuantumX Wiring


QuantumX Ethernet Connections


MX840B: An Insider's Perspective


MX1615B: An Insider's Perspective


eDAQXR Networking Systems


eDAQXR Using Sensor Database

Using MX Assistant to create a Sensor Database

Strain Gauges


How to Identify the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) When Selecting Strain Gauges


Selecting Adhesive for Strain Gauge Installation


How Does a Metal Foil Strain Gauge Work?


How Does a Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Gauge Work?


Understanding your Strain Gauge Data Sheet


Strain Gauge Stress Testing on Printed Circuit Boards


Explaining Strain Gauge Excitation

Choosing the Right Strain Gauge
Strain Gauges P250/P250R Hot Curing Resin Adhesive



How to Download Models and Drawings from


Torque Transducer Shunt Options


Torque - Changing the Center Frequency


T12 Assistant 101


TIM40 Setup


Torque Wiring


Torque Updating the Firmware of a T12 or T12HP

Torque T12 CAN Operational Mode

Torque TIM-40 Set Up Basics

Torque Dual Range Transducers
Torque Alignment 101

ClipX Signal Conditioner

ClipX Quickstart
ClipX Adjustment Assistant
ClipX OPC-UA Quickstart
ClipX PROFINET Integration
ClipX PID Controller
ClipX using TEDS Editor
ClipX Software-Integration

PMX Measuring Amplifier System

PMX Quickstart
PMX CODESYS Quickstart
PMX PROFINET Integration
PMX Shunt Force Measurement
PMX Universal Measurement System

MP85 Press Fit Controller

MP85A Press Fit Controller Quickstart
MP85 PROFIBUS Integration
MP85 PROFINET Integration with Hilscher Gateway

Charge Amplifiers

CMD in PROFINET network

Weighing Technology

HBM Weighing Technology
Setup of a Checkweigher Using Digital Weighing Technology From HBM
The recorded webinar demonstrates how to implement complex functions within your own programs. Learn about capability and requirements, how to create a simple weighing application using the IE API, and how to use this new application to connect to a weighing Indicator in the network via Wi-Fi.