Press control and monitoring

The more precisely force is applied in presses, the higher is the quality of the molded parts. Increasing their presses' accuracy is of particular importance to manufacturers of presses and pressing machines. And, in addition: The market requires faster presses that, at the same time, offer higher bandwidth to increase production output in existing systems.

Reliable recording of quality parameters in your press: using HBM test and measurement equipment

Regardless of whether we are talking about small minting presses, assembly presses for vehicle parts or commodities, or even about huge presses used for metal parts in the automotive industry: The pressing forces, the number of strokes and the quality of the products manufactured during the pressing process are major characteristic quantities for efficient press operation.

Modern, intelligent test and measurement solutions from HBM help press manufacturers to reliably acquire these quality parameters and process them quickly:

Benefit from optimized press control and monitoring solutions from HBM:

  • Robust and reliable force transducers and strain transducers enable safe acquisition of press forces. For installation directly in the force flow or also "indirectly" in the force shunt
  • Intelligent amplifiers allow fast measurement data processing and convenient Industrial Ethernet standard-compliant connection
  • Professional software facilitates reliable control and visualization of joining monitoring
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