With force transducers from HBM, a ready-to-install solution is now on the market.

Installing and parameterizing force transducers quickly and reliably

April 2016. Ready-to install force sensors from HBM, optionally fitted with TEDS for automated parameterization of the measuring chain.

The electrical installation and parameterization of force sensors in an amplifier system has been a time-consuming task in previous force measurement technology solutions. The reason for this is the increasing miniaturization of systems and connectors together with a growing number of measurement channels. Because of this, HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) has developed a practical solution to simplify integration for end-users. Force sensors are available based on the "easy-to-order" principle together with the required cable length, appropriate plug for the amplifier and TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet).

TEDS eliminates extensive parameterization because the individual properties of the force sensor such as sensitivity, nominal (rated) force, serial number and transducer type are saved in electronic memory. The relevant sensor data has already been written to this memory when the sensor is delivered. The amplifier system is able to read the chip automatically and parameterizes the measurement module with the correct sensor data, effectively eliminating entry errors. HBM delivers the force sensor ready to install with the appropriate plug and cable in lengths suitable for the relevant application, tested for function and insulation resistance.

The new options for convenient assembly are available for almost all force sensors from HBM, as are connector variants for nearly all HBM measurement module.