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Process & Level Weighing

Silos, containers or stores: HBM offers the right solution whenever correct dosing and level measurement in process weighing is required.

HBM provides complete process weighing solutions offering load cells and electronics as well as ready-to-use weighing modules for mounting under silo feet. The products comply with current standards and, thanks to their high accuracy, ensure maximum efficiency in your processes.

We provide load cells, weighing modules, electronics and software for:

  • level monitoring
  • tank and batching weighers
  • weighing of additives and silos
  • gravimetric filling machines
  • multi-station combination weighers
  • sorting plants
  • dynamic postal scales

How to Handle Precise Weighing, Fine Batching and Accurate Filling…on the Fly

Digital HBM load cells make it easy to control complex sorting, weighing, batching, and filling processes quickly and accurately. Our digital transducer electronics simplify integrating signals from analog load cells into dynamic weighing applications.

HBM digital load cells offer the functionality, speed, and accuracy that dynamic weighing applications demand. They feed scaled digital signals that correspond to the value of the weight being measured to the control electronics.

The load cell electronics perform sorting tasks using limit values and hysteresis. A trigger function supports event-controlled determination of weight depending on speed, size, and accuracy. In addition to their high torsional and bending stiffness, the load cells offer good durability through integrated overload protection under compressive mechanical loads.

Speed, precision, hygiene, price

When choosing their component suppliers, the manufacturers of packaging machinery such as filling and sorting systems, checkweighers or other machinery for dynamic weighing processes need to take into account many factors in parallel.

The interplay of all factors speaks in favor of HBM. With our solutions for dynamic weighing processes we are the ideal partner for manufacturers of packaging machinery:

  • Digital load cells or analog load cells with powerful electronics, also for challenging trigger and filter processes in dynamic weighing processes
  • Robust, hygienic and even aseptic load cells for use in the food industry
  • Maximum precision in strain gauge technology at an affordable price.

When choosing your partner for dynamic weighing, opt for the technology leader: HBM.

At home in many sectors of industry - worldwide

  • Chemical Industry: HBM components provide winning solutions especially in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: HBM components provide for a constant quality of the medicines produced
  • Cosmetic Industry: Batching with HBM products for lifestyle, health and beauty
  • Building Materials Industry: HBM load cells weigh tons of stocks in silos and batch e.g. additives for different types of concrete
  • Food Industry: Our hermetically encapsulated load cells in stainless steel construction provide for a long service life with absolute weighing precision, even in wet corrosion-hazard areas
  • Synthetic Material Processing: HBM technology supports weighing and batching processes in the synthetic materials processing industry
  • Animal Feed Industry: We ensure that your animals receive as much as they need
  • Steel Industry: HBM load cells provide reliable results even at high temperatures