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Definition of Industrial Process Control (IPC) and Signal Amplifiers

Industrial process control refers to the measurement chain for manufacturing and processing instrumentation. This includes software and hardware controls and incorporates both mechanical and electrical data acquisition components. Every industry requires some form of process control equipment to ensure mechanical instrumentation is operating within safe and certified parameters, and to outstanding degrees of repeatability. However, the stringent requirements of continuous operating environments require measurement hardware that can obtain electrical and mechanical signals with minimal invasiveness. Robust signal amplifiers offer a simple solution to this problem.

A signal amplifier, or signal conditioner, is a data acquisition instrument that converts signal values into legible data that is compatible with integrated software. Typically, a signal amplifier acquires a mechanical or electrical signal and amplifies its resolution or its signal-to-noise ratio. The converted signal is then transmitted to the machine control through digital or analog interfaces. Multiple components can be connected to the machine control through a dedicated signal amplifier, providing rapid signal diagnostics to reduce mechanical downtime and improve process control in a range of industries.

PMX Industrial Signal Amplifier

The PMX industrial signal amplifier is a flexible data acquisition system for industrial process control, with outstanding modularity for multiple interfaces and measurement variables. It has an exceptional sampling rate of 19.2 kHz per channel, with automatic detection of numerous transducers, including: strain gauge full bridges; strain gauge half bridges; inductive full bridges; inducting half bridges; and more.

It is one of the most rounded signal amplifiers available from HBM, with seamless integration for improved automatic measurement capacities for up to 16 distinct input channels.

ClipX Signal Amplifier

The ClipX is a stark contrast to the broad PMX, operating on an easy-to-integrate Plug and Play principle in a cutting-edge modular array. This signal amplifier has an outstanding class accuracy of 0.01 and a modern web interface for increased automation and remote monitoring of industrial processes. It can convert amplified signals to machine controls in millisecond intervals, with up to 6 additional modules enabling multi-channel measurements for more demanding signal measurement applications.

PME Signal Amplifier

The PME signal amplifier occupies the middle ground between the low footprint ClipX and the multi-channel PMX. It comprises multiple signal amplifier modules attached to a Fieldbus, enabling acquisition of numerous quantities, including: pressure; temperature; and torque. The range of modules enables bespoke control parameters to be maintained and monitored with inherent diagnostics and fault signaling processes.

Signal Amplifiers from HBM

HBM supplies a vast range of process control measurement equipment for various industrial sectors, including auto engineering, pharmaceuticals, and commercial production lines. Our signal amplifiers are integrated into numerous low, medium, and high throughput manufacturing environments, with variable instruments for suitable applications. These examples are drawn from a wide cross-section of signal conditioner products, with options for small to large enterprises of varying capacities and requirements.

If you would like any more information about distinct signal amplifiers for your industrial process control application, please do not hesitate to contact us.