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X60: Supercola de cura a frio para testes experimentais

X60, consisting of methylmetacrylate, is the first choice for typical experimental applications in strain gauge installation. It can be used on porous materials (concrete, cast-iron, wood, ceramics, among others) and also on smooth surfaces. X60 can even be used at very low, cryogenic temperatures up to -200°C and cures in a matter of minutes.

The adhesive consists of two components, which makes it very easy to use in a practical setting: Component A is in the form of a powder that is added with a measuring spoon (included). Component B, a liquid, is measured simply by counting drops. The adhesive is mixed in the accompanying container, which makes it easy to adjust its consistency.

  • Cold curing glue: Cures within a few minutes (2 minutes at 35°C/95°F, 10 minutes at 20°C/68°F, 60 minutes at 0°C/32°F)
  • Consists of two components (powder, liquid)
  • Even for very low temperatures down to -200 °C

Fórmula aprimorada

X60 em uma fórmula aprimorada é livre de diciclohexil ftalato (CAS 84-61-7).
Atenção: com a nova formulação, a remoção subsequente com solventes não é mais possível. Além disso, o tempo de cura leva alguns minutos a mais.

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The following are two types of complete packages available:

  • 1-X60: 100 g component A, 2 x 40 ml component B. Enough for about 100 strain gauges*
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  • 1-X60-NP: 400 g component A, 2 x 200 ml component B. Enough for about 400 strain gauges*
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Both complete packages already include the accessories required for strain gauge installation—stirring containers, stirrers, cellophane foil, measuring spoon, operating manual and safety data sheets. *The specified quantities are approximate recommended values only, as adhesive consumption also partly depends on the size of the strain gauges being used.

Individual components:

Documentação técnica X60

Título / DescriçãoIdioma
Data Sheets
Dehnungsmessstreifen - Katalog German
Strain Gauges - Catalogue English
Тензорезисторы - катало́г Russian
Manuais de Operação
X60 - User Manual English, German, French
Instruções de segurança
X60-A - Segurança Multi idiomas
X60-B - Segurança Multi idiomas
Declaration of Conformity
Strain Gauges and Accessories - Statement of Compliance English
Tech Notes
X60 - Technical Information German
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