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C5 Transfer Standard: Nominal Forces from 5 MN to 20 MN

The C5 force transfer standards achieve class 00 according to ISO 376 in the measurement range between 40 and 100% of their respective nominal force. For best repeatability, the arrangement of their strain gauges reduces the influence of eccentric loads and bending moments.

The C5 can be equipped as needed for its intended application. The optional double bridge, for example, allows the separation of the reference and input signals, or the implementation of an electrically isolated emergency shutdown. Bending moment bridges are helpful to detect the bending moment input of the calibration equipment, and they can also provide important information about changes in the machine when the C5 is used as a reference sensor.

The sensor is generally robust and can tolerate overloads well. In addition, all C5 reference sensors have a removable base plate to simplify handling. Delivery also includes an ISO 376 compliant thrust piece.

  • HBM accuracy class: 00 (according to ISO 376 between 40 and 100 % of the nominal load); 0.5 (according to ISO 376 between 20 and 40 % of the nominal load)
  • Nominal (rated) measurement ranges: 5 MN to 20 MN

Highest accuracy

  • Strain gauge arrangement is designed for optimal eccentricity compensation
  • Meets the requirements of class 00 according to ISO376 (at 40 % − 100% of the nominal force)
  • Suitable stiffness


Low uncertainty for comparison measurements and high accuracy of the calibration machine when used as a reference sensor. Low influence on the structure.

Practical configuration

  • Numerous, easy to order options: TEDS, double bridges, bending moment measurement circuits, …
  • Includes thrust pieces that meet the requirements of ISO 376
  • Removable base plate: easy to rework if required.

A sensor optimally tailored to its task achieves the best measurement results. Robust and easy to handle – considering its measurement capacity.

Beyond the sensor

  • Benefit from HBK calibration services
  • Most accurate measurement amplifiers: with the DMP41, the C5 becomes a reference measurement chain of the highest precision
  • From double-shielded cable to bridge calibration unit to software: a complete solution from HBK


Precision measurement chains from a single source: All components at the highest technical and performance level.

C5 Product literature

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C5 - Caractéristiques techniques French
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Declaration of Conformity
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