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SoMat DataModes™ - Intelligent data storage

Any data logger can collect time series data, but the SoMat eDAQ can do far more! It is a stand-alone data acquisition system with a capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing. This real-time data processing is achieved utilizing SoMat DataModes™ technology.

Developed with over 25 years of mobile data acquisition expertise, DataModes™ allow you to save data in multiple, easy-to-manage formats for analysis.

DataModes™ preserve memory, provide instant analysis to the data, easily manage long-term tests, and the wireless design allows effortless transfer. Various triggering options make sure you not only get your data in the format you want, but also when you want it.


  • Physical: Analog, strain gage, thermocouple
  • Computed: Mathematical expression
  • Vehicle bus: CAN, J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, J1708
  • GPS: Position, speed, time
  • Time: System time

Trigger Mode

  • Trigger: Start recording data after the first trigger condition is true
  • Gate: Record data only when the trigger condition is true
  • One shot: Record one data point when trigger goes from false to true
  • Always on: Record all data from start to stop of a test

SoMat Data Modes

  • Time history: Sequential storage of all data values
  • Time burst history: Sequential lone transient recordings based on pre- and post-triggers times
  • Sequential peak-valley: Sequential storage of signal reversal points removing insignificant data
  • Peak-valley matrix: Histogram categorizes load histories to successive peak-valley transitions
  • Rainflow histogram: Histogram categories load histories according to fatigue damage
  • Time at level (single dimension): Histogram records discrete values
    (bins) of single channel over time
  • Time at level (multi-dimension): Histogram records statistical correlation with up to 7 inputs
  • Event slice: Sequential storage of all channels based on master channel(s) trigger

SoMat Vehicle Bus Modules

The SoMat Vehicle Bus Modules condition vehicle network parameters to be synchronously measured by SoMat eDAQ and SoMat eDAQlite systems. Supported parameters include:

  • CAN (J1939)
  • SWC (Single Wire CAN)
  • J1708 (J1587)
  • J1850-VPW
  • ISO-9141(kWP-2000)

This offers a direct correlation between vehicle bus channels with physical data (including analog, thermocouple, frequency) as well as GPS. Up to 254 channels
can be recorded per module.

Wireless synchronization via GPS

SoMat eDAQ and SoMat eDAQlite systems can be integrated with GPS receivers. A unique feature of SoMat eDAQ is its ability to synchronize using the GPS timing signal. You can configure the SoMat eDAQ to generate the Master Sample Rate clock in synchronization with GPS time.

This mode of operation allows multiple SoMat eDAQs to be wirelessly synchronized. For example, a SoMat eDAQlite on a moving truck can be synchronously collecting data with the SoMat eDAQ on a fixed bridge, or a high-speed train can be synchronously measured together with a rail-mounted system.

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