U93 Miniature force sensor ideally for use in production U93 Miniature force sensor ideally for use in production | HBM

U93 Force Transducer: Capacities ranging from 1 kN to 50 kN

U93 is a miniature force transducer, designed in a diaphragm principle with high stiffness and is therefore an ideal choice for fast load measurements. The load cell has very small dimensions, and is easy to integrate. The mechanical connection is made by means of a flange-mounted screw connection on both sides. Thus, the assembly is very easy to carry out.

For applications where the speed and size of the sensor are important, the U93 is a more cost-effective alternative to piezoelectric sensors. Like all HBM sensors, the U93 is easy to configure and thus adapts itself even to demanding conditions. The design with support diaphragms makes the sensor exceptionally robust and resistant to lateral forces. In addition, there is an important detail for the production environment: the cable of the U93 is drag chain-compatible and oil-resistant.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.5 ... 0.8
  • Nominal forces: 1 kN ... 50 kN

Please note: Due to the current shortage and increased prices of semiconductor components on the global market, we are no longer able to equip every U93 with a TEDS chip. If you require the TEDS functionality, please order via the ‘flexible to order’ option K-U93 and choose the TEDS option there.

Easy installation

  • Flange connection on both sides
  • Centering available
  • Space-saving

Get fast to the result: With easy installation and automatic sensor recognition via TEDS.

Dynamic and robust

  • Exceptionally lateral and bending force stability due to special supporting diaphragm construction
  • Low measuring distance ⇒ very high stiffness ⇒ very high fundamental resonant frequency
  • Oil-resistant and drag chain-suitable cable.

Reliable results even under harsh production conditions.

Fits in

  • Different cable lengths
  • On request with mounted plug for all HBM data acquisition systems

Configure the sensor to suit your needs. The U93 can be adapted to the existing hardware; plug-in mounting or cable extension is not necessary on site.

U93 Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
U93 - Caractéristiques techniques French
U93 - Data Sheet English
U93 - Datenblatt German
U93 - Prospetto dati Italian
U93 - データシート Japanese
Kräfte sicher messen - Broschüre German
Reliable force measurement - Brochure English
Mounting Instructions
U93 - Mounting instructions English, German, French, Italian
Declaration of Conformity
U93 - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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