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Checklist: 5 decision-making criteria for amplifiers in production and industrial test benches

The use of amplifiers in production is an essential part of your quality assurance process. What are the decision-making criteria you should take into account when selecting a new industrial amplifier?

We would like to highlight five key factors to consider when choosing an industrial amplifier.

Today, many finished products are characterized by the enhancements and innovations "with attention to detail" they provide, for instance to ensure increased efficiency or to reduce the amount and weight of material used. Thorough insights into the production process are absolutely vital.

The higher the sampling rates of the test and measurement equipment used the better the resolution and the capability to identify minimal deviations in the production process.

When deciding on a new industrial amplifier system consider the following key factors to enable you to face the requirements of the future:

Does the amplifier provide the necessary accuracy?

It is the combination of precision and interference immunity that is crucial!

Enhanced measurement accuracy is a prerequisite for detailed insights into the production process. This enables the tolerance limits in production to be safely utilized and downtimes to be avoided.

Users benefit from HBM's renowned high expertise in test and measurement - HBM is the global market leader in reliable measurement data acquisition. The interference-proof carrier frequency technology (CF) used in HBM's amplifiers combined with automatic sensor identification via TEDS ensures additional precision and reliability.

Does the sampling rate complies with my application?

The faster measured values are sampled, the more precise is their subsequent analysis.

If sampling rates are too low this results in loss of information or even measurement errors - in this case, the measurements cannot be used.

HBM's PMX industrial amplifier offers you a very high sampling rate of 19.2 kHz per channel - this applies for the 16 measurement channels and the 32 internal channels for calculation. In other words, you get high measuring bandwidths for fast signals of up to 3 kHz and synchronization of all signals on the measuring grid level. Loss of production control data and information will be a thing of the past.

Does the amplifier offer "integrated intelligence"?

"Integrated intelligence" enables the amplifier to perform quality-critical algorithms and calculations by itself, during production monitoring.

This includes, for instance, monitoring of tolerance windows or integrated mathematical or logical operations through to control functions. In addition to accuracy, the "intelligence" and the "ability to learn" that are offered by software integrated in industrial amplifiers are the factors that make the difference on the market.

PMX allows fast starting up and facilitates servicing because it uses innovative software - based on the latest browser and server standards. PMX offers you an extensive package of functions at an attractive price.

Is the amplifier ready for leading-edge real-time technologies?

Industrial Ethernet is a megatrend in manufacturing automation.

Real-time communication systems are increasingly used in production systems; the communication channels between "man" and "machine" and production processes in the machine and system control are becoming ever faster. It is essential that an industrial amplifier seamlessly integrates into this concept.

PMX provides a standard industrial Ethernet link to many common standards in automation technology.

Can the amplifier be integrated into your production environment?

Irrespective of whether central or distributed modules are used in the manufacturing system: Modern industrial amplifiers provide you with both modular structure and scalable setup.

When choosing your amplifier system make sure that it is capable of "growing" with the increasing requirements in your production, for instance, through plug-in cards or scalable systems.

Is the system open to integration into your software environment? Modern systems offer open programming libraries that are available to users for creating proprietary user interfaces and functionalities. This enables you to protect your know-how and to be prepared for the future.

PMX is an amplifier system and sets standards in the industry. Try out PMX now - for instance, ask for a personal demonstration or visit one of a number of events worldwide.

5 Decision Criteria:

  •  Accuracy
  •  Sampling Rate 
  • Integrated Intelligence
  • Real-Time Technologies
  • Integration to production environment