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FIT7A Digital Load Cell: The Heart of Checkweighers

The future of checkweighing starts with the FIT7A digital load cell. With FIT7A, for the first time you can build your own checkweigher for your packaging line.  There is no need for you to purchase expensive components and you become more competitive and independent. 

Why opt for the checkweigher load cell from HBM? We are a pure supplier of weighing technology components. Therefore you do not purchase your components from your potential competitors. We are a dependable global partner offering high delivery reliability. Always near you: With a strong sales and service team that looks forward to providing personal support, answering your questions and offering professional training. 

  • Confirmed precision: OIML certificate for C6, Y up to 50,000
  • Maximum capacity: 3 kg ... 75 kg

Developed for Checkweighers

  • Extremely stiff design allows for higher throughput of your checkweigher, due to fast signal response and short filter times
  • Steel is optimal for the food industry and resistant to strong detergents
  • Integrated electronics close to the sensor allows for maximum precision. Active temperature compensation guarantees precise results even in the event of temperature variations.


  • 1000% overload stability: Should it happen - the load cell even withstands cleaning crews stepping on it when working in a hurry
  • Excellent off-center load behavior: Suited for various conveyor sizes up to 600 mm length
  • IP66 up to the connector: Developed for wash-down applications involving the checkweigher being completely covered in foam
  • Connector instead of cable: Fast replacement in case of an emergency


  • FIT7A allows for stand-alone evaluation of light barriers and control of ejectors: No additional PLC is required
  • Tried and tested filter eliminates conveyor drive, roller and conveyor interference
  • Operation via free PanelX software: Saves valuable development time and supports you in optimizing your checkweigher

Two versions available

  • 1 connector - for use in combination with PLC
  • 2 connectors - the load cell autonomously evaluates the light barriers and controls the ejector

Communication with the machine: 

  • Fieldbus support: RS485, CANopen and DeviceNet

You will find more information in the data sheet.

Configure, analyze, optimize filling processes using PanelX

PanelX is the cross-platform software from HBM that enables you to set up, configure and analyze your dynamic weighing technology applications.

Use PanelX to conveniently and intuitively configure and control the filling algorithm integrated with FIT5A.

PanelX analyzes parameters such as filling time and residual flow and supports you in optimizing the filling process.

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Documents and downloads

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
Mounting Instructions
English, German, French, Italian
Safety Instructions
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
Declaration of Conformity
Explosion Protection: Declaration of Conformity
English, German
Device Descriptions

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 180 KB


Description of the AD104C + AD105C (both EOL) /AD105D / FIT5 + FIT7 and PAD firmware releases

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 313 KB


Panel software for:

  • WTX Series
  • PAD Digital Transducer Electronics
  • FIT load cells (FIT/4, FIT/5, FIT5A, FIT7A)
  • Digital load cells (PW15iA, PW15AHi, PW20i, C16i, C16i3)
  • AD/AED electronics (AD103C, AD104C, AD105C, AD105D)

Download, unzip and install the Tool on a PC with Windows 7/8/10 or 11.

Date: 05/2022  |  Version: 2.1.2  |  Size: 24 MB
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Enthält Hilfen zur Parametrierung und Darstellung/ Speicherung der Messungen der Elektronik über die Software PanelX, sowie die Programmierung über den 3-Zeichen Befehlssatz (API) und Applikationsbeispiele für wägetechnische Anwendungen (Füllen, Dosieren, Kontrollverwiegung).

 |  Size: 4 MB


Contains help for parameterization and display/storage of the electronics measurements via the PanelX software, as well as programming via the 3-character command set (API) and application examples for weighing applications (filling, dosing, check weighing).

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 4 MB


包含通过 PanelX 软件进行参数化和显示/存储电子测量值的帮助,以及通过 3 字符命令集 (API) 和称重应用程序(填充、计量、检重)的应用示例进行编程。

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 4 MB


WebHelp for PanelX in English and German language.

Date: 03/2019  |  Version: 2.0.6  |  Size: 23 MB

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