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Measure mechanical forces, from sensor to report

We make the measurements, collect/analyze the data and generate a complete report for you. You can fully rely on the results on when making conclusions and making a presentation of the project to the involved parties.

You can of course also rent and/or purchase the best suited equipment from us such as strain gauges, DAQ system and software from us.

Strain gauge installation onshore and offshore (according to GWO and OLF)

We install the strain gauges even under the toughest of conditions in a secure way. We have experience with the challenges your materials and environment are facing, and also what it takes to get the accurate results from the measurements.

We find the most suitable strain gauge and accessories, make professional surface treatment and cleaning before applying the strain gauge. We additionally have experiences in what cover materials to use, how to apply it and making the installation ready for measurement.

As our engineers work according to the Ewea GWO and Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (formerly OLF) standards you can be sure we operate in the safest possible way.

Structural Health Monitoring with optical measurement solutions

We additionally offer installations and measurements with optical sensors and measurement units based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology from HBM FiberSensing.

Examples of applications
Products Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG) and it´s advantages
Case study example: Rossio Tunnel, Lisbon

Contact us for further information regarding possibilities and solutions.


Do you get unexpected or strange results from your measurements with strain gauges? Wondering if it can be due to issues during applying the strain gauge, when cleaning the measurement surface or perhaps during the soldering process?

Are you facing issues like the ones above or other measurement trouble shooting cases like software questions or need to know how to protect your transducer in its environment? Perhaps you simply want advice on how a strain gauge really works – contact us for support.

Software scripting

Perhaps you have tasks or processes that can be automated in your measurement software and need scripting for it? Save your time, efforts and let the experts do it: We offer catman scripting for your needs. Let us know more about your scripting requirements and we tell you more about how we can help.

Strain gauge seminars

Learn from our expert and head of HBM NWE Engineering and Services, Arnt-Henning Andersson, and gain the important knowledge about strain gauge measurements and installations. You will learn both about the basic theory and also use your new skills in practical exercises for that perfect learning mix. You will leave the seminar with a solid platform of knowledge about strain gauge applications and measurements which will help you to succeed in future measurements. Our strain gauge seminars are suited for beginners and as well as for those with several years of experience.

Our seminars take place four times per year in the Nordics, giving you the opportunity to see us once a year in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. If you want to receive information about when the registration is open for any of these locations – please send an email to [email protected] and we keep you informed.

Making customized cables

Are you buying transducers which are not delivered with the cables and plugs you need? Or do you manufacture transducers and need customized cables for these? We can help you produce and/or install tailored cables and plugs for your specific purpose.

Don´t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

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Above you can read about some of our service offering. Of course we offer more within measurement services. Feel free to contact us and tell us how we can help you succeed in your measurement project.

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