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KMRplus Strain Gauge-Based Force Washers: 11 Capacities and IP68 Degree of Protection

The KMRplus, like common washers, are suitable for mounting onto bolted or screwed connections. Sensors are available for threads ranging from M6 to M42 (forces of up to 2 MN). The KMRplus force washers are fitted with special strain gauges that cover a very wide angular range, making them highly insensitive to bending moments. The sensors are suitable for both fast and static measurement tasks due to the use of strain gauge technology and their high stiffness.

The sensors are not only made of stainless steel but are also hermetically sealed (IP68 degree of protection) to allow force measurements under harsh ambient conditions or outdoors. They ensure maximum immunity to electromagnetic interference owing to their cable and sensor-housing design that forms a Faraday cage.

The force introduction washers included in the scope of delivery ensure good force introduction. Various connector plugs and cable lengths allow adaptation to the respective measuring task.

The KMRplus force washers operate in the force shunt, hence calibration is required after installation to obtain quantitative results.

  • HBM accuracy class: 1
  • Capacities: 20 kN … 2 MN

For all conditions

  • Low heights of construction
  • For thread sizes ranging from M6 (20 kN) to M42 (2 MN)
  • IP68 degree of protection, stainless steel, and EMC tested

Can always be integrated: Requires minimal space, for standard thread and fold-back arm

Dynamic, yet drift-free

  • Based on strain gauge technology
  • Minimal displacement
  • Displacements in the µm range ensure extremely high stiffness
  • Bandwidths up to the kHz range

The drift-free alternative to a piezoelectric sensor: Optimum dynamic properties with virtually zero drift.

Easy to use

  • Various cable lengths available on request
  • Plug assembly for standard HBM measuring amplifiers
  • Force introduction washers for lower contact surface requirements

Ready for use in countless applications: The KMRplus optimally adapts to the measurement task.

KMRplus With Force Introduction Washers

Included, also available as spare parts.

Suitable Plugs for HBM Measuring Amplifiers

3D CAD STEP Files for KMRplus Force Washers

Download the CAD step files for this product
KMRplus CAD step files
KMRplus Accessories CAD step files

Extensive Range of Accessories Available, Please Refer to the Data Sheet

  • Force introduction washers available as spare parts

Technical Documentation and Additional Product Information

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
KMR+ - Caractéristiques techniques French
KMR+ - Data Sheet English
KMR+ - Datenblatt German
KMR+ - Prospetto Dati Italian
KMR+ - 数据表 Chinese
Kräfte sicher messen - Broschüre German
Reliable force measurement - Brochure English
Operating Manuals
KMR+ - Operating Manual English, German, French, Italian, Chinese
Declaration of Conformity
KMR+ - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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