Online Seminar (with costs): Working with catman Online Seminar (with costs): Working with catman | HBM

Online-Seminar: Working with catman / Basic Seminar


 3 hours online training (3x)


  from your PC


  Level: Advanced


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Our online seminar (divided into 3 sections x 3 hours) provides you with a fast and efficient introduction to the catman data acquisition software.

At the beginning of the seminar you will dial into one of our training computers. After the explanations from the trainer you can then experience the individual fuctions of the software step by step from your PC with our equipment.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Connection to a Device, Channel List

Data Acquisition, Visualization

Analysis Mode and catman Options

• Connecting to a device

• Using TEDS, assigning sensors

• Preform or lock zero adjustments

• Channel names, colors, deactivate and hide unused channels

• Channel list options

• Configure simple DAQ jobs

• Visualize your measurements

• Continuous DAQ, DAQ on key press, triggered DAQ

• Test parameters

• Data storage and data saving

• Using multiple trigger conditions

• Visualization objects

• Configuration of graphs, using cursor functions

• How to show millions of values?

• Data compression and y(x)-graphs

• Sensor database, creating standard sensors

• Loading data

• Loading several tests

• catman options

• Firmware update

• Limit switch, event monitoring

Your HBK Academy-Plus

You will receive a thorough introduction on how to work most effectively with catman. Additionally, even online you have the opportunity to consolidate what you have learned with hands-on exercises using the academy devices.

Target group:

Novices to the catman software

Prior knowledge:

Not required

Upcoming question for technical requirements will be answered here.
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Available seminar data (please note: this is a seminar for which we charge a fee!)

Oct 25-27, 2023 Online
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Individual Date on Request
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Start and End Time:
08:30 – 12:00 New York (ET)
14:30 – 18:00 Berlin (CET/CEST)


on 3 consecutive days / 3,5 hours parts
(with a scheduled break in between!)

Price: 862 EUR exclusive VAT




Individual support

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