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HBM Launches a New Family of eDrive Power Analyzers

Carrying out professional testing of electric drives is now a much simpler process for engineers with the launch of a brand-new family of real-time Power Analyzers. These Power Analyzers are designed for power and efficiency measurement, data acquisition, and data analysis on electric drives and inverters. They are engineered to offer the highest accuracy on the market with 0,015 % of reading and 0,02 % of range. The voltage inputs span ± 50 V to ± 1500 V DC covering all EV applications, with an outstanding 1000 V CAT IV safety rating.

The eDrive Power Analyzers can incorporate electrical, mechanical, and digital signals into one measurement system to eliminate the need for several acquisition devices. They can acquire signals like voltage, current, torque, speed, temperatures, vibration, pressure, flow, sound, and CAN signals. All analogue signals are sampled simultaneously, with a high sample rate of 2 MS/s. Raw data can be stored continuously and in real time on SSD with 960 GB capacity.  Also, real-time storage per set point for a defined time or a defined number of cycles is available.

The new product family allows powerful analysis like fundamentals, space vectors, dq0 transformation, torque ripple, harmonics, back EMF, vibration measurements, drive cycle and dynamic power measurements. They are also equipped with a digital cycle detection for accurate power measurements in dynamic load changes like WLTP drive cycles.

The results can be transferred via EtherCAT or CAN FD to an automation system for remote control, for example a test bench environment. Or via optical Ethernet for real time data transfer to a PC.  

Values computed from electrical or mechanical parameters are displayed live during measurements. Via software interface the live values can be incorporated into third-party software for automated analysis.

The new family consists of 6 high-end Power Analyzers, 4 of them are PC tethered, 2 are instrument style. The modular design allows scaling up from 3 to 21 power channels and six torque / speed sensors.