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Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data.

10/2017 5.1.3 281 MB

This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

07/2013 1.9.0 74 KB

Never miss an event again with HBM Push

Get the new App HBM Push on your mobile device and never miss an important event again. For long-term monitoring of any kind, especially the monitoring of bridges, railways or test benches etc., you can define events of your interest in catman. Whenever one of these events occurs, you'll get a HBM Push message.

New Features in catman 5.1

Lab Testing

  • Password protection of channel configuration, TEDS content and sensor database







  • Data streaming to Microsoft Power BI for visualization of data in the web

Mobile DAQ

  • Support of Kistler KiRoad performance wheel force transducer system
  • Support of CFC crash test filters in post process (CFC60, CFC180, CFC600 and CFC1000)
  • Automatic detection and configuration of GPS devices




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