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Turnkey DAQ Amplifier and Software-based Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Are you under pressure when it comes to time and resources for your next measurement task? Let HBM design the perfect DAQ solution for your application so that you can concentrate on your test and accelerate the delivery of your results.

The HBM systems team can provide customized DAQ and/or software solutions, tailored according to your needs.

From HBK amplifiers and DAQ software all the way to the necessary infrastructure complementing HBK products – we will build your individual turnkey solution. Concentrate on your resources and test set-up and let us take care of the configuration, initial test, and start-up of your DAQ solution.

Joint Planning

of the best solution for your application with support from experienced test and project engineers.

Single POC

for a complete solution and access to experienced personnel providing premium service (one-stop shop).

Your Turnkey Solution

is delivered preconfigured, fully tested and documented, including all necessary infrastructure.

The Scope of DAQ Turnkey System Services for Your Measurement Task

Customized Planning - Execution - Support: The HBM service team will support your measurement project all the way.

We´ll define the best DAQ and software solution for your needs and adapt it.





  • Technical Review
  • Product/Solution Proposal
  • Demonstration/Preparation of Proposed Solution

Project Management

  • According to PMI (PMP® certified PMs)
  • Milestones (Preparation, Acceptance, Commissioning)
    • PDR
    • CRD
    • FAT
    • SAT
  • Documentation
    • Reporting System
    • Design Report
    • System Config. Report
    • Acceptance Test Guide
    • User Manual

Customized Software

  • Custom workflow
  • Custom GUI
  • Export/Import of Configuration Data
  • Database Management of Sensors or Test Items

Customized System

  • Cabinets
  • Networking
  • Cables
  • Connectivity
  • TEDs/TIDs
  • Customized
  • Customized
  • ...


  • System Training
  • Maintenance
  • SLA Support
  • Upgrades

Are you looking for a complete solution that includes customized sensors, DAQ and/or software, maybe also other services?

We're happy to help you! Continous internal exchange and fast communication between our service teams make it possible to deliver quick and easy help for your projects. Don't hesitate, send you request now!

HBK System Solutions - Examples

Sikorsky (a Lockheed Martin Company)

flexible DAQ cabinet

Task: Finding a single data acquisition system fulfilling Sikorskys' testing needs.

Scope of Services: Planning, project management and customized system

Solution: Based on the HBM QuantumX universal and distributable data acquisition system, Sikorsky and HBM developed in close cooperation a flexible cabinet, which provides the client's laboratories with new capabilities for data acquisition, handling, and storage.

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ITER – International Fusion Energy Organization

Task: Monitoring research to generate electricity from nuclear fusion to counter the challenges of conventional power generation and measurement of crucial parameters.

Scope of Services: Customized sensor and amplifier solutions, special software applications; handling of the qualification phase and consolidation of external suppliers with the HBK Custom Solutions Team.

Solution: Providing a full-chain solution for the measurements. Although ITER's requirements often reach physical limits, HBK was able to customize its standard products to meet the testing demands and help develop future fusion power plants.

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BMW Group

Task: BMW has been looking for a modular, fully TEDS-compatible data acquisition system providing both many channels and fast measurement data acquisition.

Scope of Services: Planning, project management

Solution: QuantumX by HBM meets these high demands and provides the basic test and measurement equipment for the BMW test bench.

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OSiMaB (Online Safety Management System for Bridges)

OsiMaB holistic concept for bridge monitoring

Task: Bridge damage impairs the smooth flow of passenger and freight traffic. In order to detect bridge damage at an early stage and to forecast future damage, the existing monitoring of the actual condition must be supplemented by a forward-looking component.

Scope of Services: Planning and project management

Solution: Together with BASt, ITC Engineering, the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Bonn and the Hasso Plattner Institute, HBM has developed a holistic concept for bridge monitoring.

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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

JAXA project

Task: Investigation of the structural health of JAXA's developed aircraft made with composite material.

Scope of Services: Planning and project management

Solution: The use of HBM’s equipment meant that a comprehensive structural analysis could be easily completed. The ability of the analysis software to perform rapid calculations and graphically display the structural deformation helped researchers to predict premature failure of the aircraft structure.

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