Force Measurement Using Strain Transducers

Be it wind turbine control, monitoring of hall roofs, control and monitoring of presses or other applications in production - the 1-SLB700A/06VA1-1 and 1-SLB700A/06VA2-1 active strain transducers can easily be calibrated in the application thanks to their integrated amplifier electronics.

Easy mounting

The strain transducers are simply screwed onto the component where force is to be measured. Since strains mapping the acting forces develop when load is applied, the strain signal can be converted into a force by a corresponding calibration measurement.

Do you use the SLB700 passive strain transducer? The active strain transducers are compatible with SLB700; therefore, exchange is easy.

Programmable, integrated electronics

The strain transducers can be parameterized via a control contact. This requires the zero position and the maximum load position to be approached and corresponding control pulses to be generated. Irrespective of the strain level, the maximum output signal will then always be available, which facilitates further processing. A separate input permits zero balancing.
The electronics provides 1000 Hz cut-off frequency and therefore is optimally equipped for dynamic measurements.

Voltage and current output

Two transducer models are available: a model with a 0...10V output and a model with a 4...20mA output.

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