Safety barriers form the interface between intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits. It is their task to limit the energy transmitted from the non-Ex area to the Ex area, both in normal operation and in the event of a fault.

The barrier limits the current and voltage in the intrinsically safe circuit if the voltage on the non-intrinsically safe side reaches excessively high values or if a short circuit occurs on the intrinsically safe side.

The SB01A Zener barrier combination comprising two pieces of type Z764 and one pieces of type Z763 was specially developed for the use of load cells with DC weighing indicators. It is characterized by a low line resistance in the excitation lines.

For this circuit arrangement the BASEEFA (British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres) has granted a system Certificate of Conformity (BAS No. Ex 02E2186).

Key Features

  • Three optimized safety barriers for intrinsically safe installation according to ATEX for HBM strain gage load cells
  • EC type examination certificate according ATEX Ex II (1) GD
  • Declaration of conformity for a load cell system EEx ia II C, according to EN 50039, BAS-No.: Ex02E2186
  • Usable with HBM electronic types WE2108, WE 2110 and AED system

Product Literature

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Data sheet
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Declaration of Conformity
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Explosion Protection: Declaration of Conformity
German, English, Russian
Explosie beveiliging
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