What's new in Perception version 6.0?

The latest version 6.0 adds live FFT capabilities to the HBM Genesis HighSpeed product family, allowing users to visualize signals simultaneously both in the time and the frequency domain. Because it is PC-based, it is usable with any Perception-controlled DAQ system, such as the portable GEN5i, GEN7t or GEN16t rack mainframes, and LIBERTY.

FFT is particularly useful, especially for customers that are just starting out in frequency domain analysis, because of its ease of use and high flexibility. For example, FFT can be enabled for transferring signals currently shown in the time domain to the frequency domain with a single click. The basic FFT option allows a choice of window lengths of up to 1 million samples, four different weighting filters, and analysis functions such as FFT Spectrum, Auto Power Spectrum or Power Spectral Density. For critical settings the software includes readily-accessible help ensuring users make the right choice for the best results.

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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