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The WE2107 weighing indicator: you can rely on this talented all-rounder to monitor and control your weighing processes. It does not matter whether these are static or dynamic: the WE2107 is at your side.

With first-rate metrological properties and many practical functions that are perfect for incorporating into the industrial weighing process. Because the WE2107 is more than just a weighing indicator: the WE2107 adapts perfectly to your needs, whatever the challenge. So with the WE2107, you will be able to implement many different scale types with just one device:

  • platform scales
  • counting scales
  • truck scales
  • container scales
  • mobile scales
  • batching scales
  • filling scales

And the WE2107 even provides maximum safety for dynamic weighing. Various filling and batching functions automatically and quickly optimize your industrial weighing processes.

The WE2107 is ideal for including in your process flow. You can assign specific tasks to the two digital control inputs. The WE2107 only has four function keys in total, two of which are available to you for assigning your main functions. Four function keys – this shows how easy the WE2107 weighing indicator is to operate...

Ergonomic and user-friendly, these values take top priority for the WE2107, to ensure that things run smoothly. You have recourse to the convenience of the WE2107 Panel Software for parameterizing and setting up your weighing indicator: simply prepare all the settings on your PC and then transfer them to the weighing indicator. Then store the parameters, for a quick and easy way to document the scale settings for your quality assurance system.

The standard version of the WE2107 is a variable device for mounting externally on the wall, a pillar or the work surface. In the WE2107M version, the weighing indicator is also available as a built-in device for the control cabinet / control panel.

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