SL450: Covering Material for Strain Gauges—Transparent Silicone Resin

SL450 silicone resin provides optimal protection in applications that involve extremely high ambient temperatures. The covering material consists of transparent silicone resin, and it is applied to the measuring point with a brush integrated into the bottle’s screw cap. It requires hot-curing at different temperature levels, ranging from 95°C to 315°C.

The SL450 covering material can be stored at room temperature for approximately 6 months.

  • SL450: Silicone resin covering material for strain gauges
  • Temperature range: –50°C to +450°C (–58°F to + 452°F)
  • Hot-curing takes place at different temperature levels, ranging from 95°C to 315°C

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  • 1-SL450: 3 bottles, each with approximately 25 g, sufficient for approximately 90 strain gauges*

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*The specified quantities are intended for reference only, since covering material consumption depends, among other things, on the size of the strain gauges that are used.

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