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End-of-line testing for gear sticks for automatic transmissions

The use of automatic transmission in the automotive industry has become increasingly widespread as customers, even with subcompact cars, demand more luxury.

DURA Automotive Systems Einbeck GmbH makes gear sticks for automatic transmissions. To ensure 100% error-free functionality and consistent high quality, a test concept was developed in cooperation with a system integrator and HBM.

Communication is via Profibus DPV1 between the MP85ADP process monitoring system and the test station PLC. A PC is also available for visualization via the PME Assistant and for storing test results, including all the curve data. Sometimes the storage option of the MMC card in the MP85ADP is used.

“The detailed measurement of force and displacement and the versatile data storage options of the MP85ADP make it very easy for us to meet the stringent requirements of our end customers. We also make use of the on-site training and service offered by HBM.” Dipl.-Ing. Udo Beyland, Project Manager, DURA Automotive Systems Einbeck GmbH, Germany

Test requirements:

All the gears were shifted through for each gear stick to evaluate, amongst other things, the actuating force and the associated displacement. The minimum and maximum forces that occur when selecting the individual drive positions are precisely stipulated by the end customer Opel and must be the same for all the selector positions.

An identification label is only printed and attached for a gear stick that has tested ok. This label can be used to retrace the unique test file at any time. Gear sticks that are not ok are rejected. Each gear stick is thoroughly tested because there is a 100 % component test requirement.

The HBM solution:

An HBM measurement chain was designed comprising S2/100 N force transducers for tensile and compressive forces, WA/100mm-L displacement transducers, and the MP85ADP process monitoring system.

DURA Automotive Systems

DURA Automotive Systems