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From Idea to Innovation – Test and Measurement Solutions for Automotive Applications at HBK

Replacing the horse-drawn carriage, the automotive industry emerged over a century ago and, with rapid and continuous development since then, has allowed people to enjoy mobility in many different forms. In addition to people transport, the emergence of commercial transport helped ease jobs in agriculture, construction machinery, forestry and several other industries.

With the electrification of the powertrain and the need for extended software services, automotive and commercial vehicle industries compete in an economically-driven global race to come up with the best concepts. Fun, efficiency, minimal environmental impact – these are just some of the key parameters driving the development of new products. Complex powertrain configurations, lightweight modern designs and the demand for increased autonomy are also challenging the validation toolset and production end-of-line verification.

The HBK product and service portfolio covers not only automotive applications such as mechanical fatigue life-time analysis, but also all typical sensors as well as measurement and data physics analysis in testing and metrology. From measurements of mechanical and electrical components in bench testing, to overall mobile vehicle testing and noise and vibration testing, HBK offers you a scalable setup and expertise for quicker innovation.

Mechanical Powertrain & Component Testing

Electric Powertrain & Component Testing

Benefit from HBK Measurement Solutions

Choose HBK measurement technology and analysis software and rely on the excellent combination of:

  • Flexibility and maximum openness
  • Precision and reliability 
  • Expert railway knowledge

Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you in all issues regarding test and measurement applications. We offer: 

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