What's New in Perception 6.42?

You can benefit from a user-friendly environment thanks to new features that save time! Perception 6.42 comes with numerous new features:

Perception will now distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters in the formula database (analysis). If Perception is unable to assign a channel or calculation, this is indicated by a "warning" (yellow icon). This could happen if older recordings or workbenches are loaded into the new version 6.42.

Real-Time Math for the 1kV Card

Card users are now able to perform multiple real-time calculations for each channel. To do this, the program creates corresponding logical calculation channels.
The following real-time calculations are possible for each channel:

  • Root Mean Square (RMS)
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Mean
  • Peak to Peak
  • Area 
  • Energy

The new version also offers two options for defining the time window for the real-time calculations mentioned above. To do this the user can precisely define the required time window, for example one second.

The second option is based on an algorithm that has just been developed: This algorithm can be used to find the zero passes of the signal for a channel and then use the result as the "Cycle-Detect" for further calculations. That means users are able to calculate the RMS of a current or voltage for each half wave (or for several) of the signal.

"eDrive" Application

The "eDrive" application is a new Perception option for measurements on electrical inverters and drive systems. The new application makes it easy to set up or prepare for the measurement ("Set-up"). It also allows for real-time display of measured values and power calculations ("Live") and extensive analysis and reproduction of the measurement ("Review").

Version 6.42 includes only "Set-up."  "Live" and "Review" will follow in Perception version 6.50.

Functional Enhancements in the GEN2i Data Recorder

The following new features are available with Perception version 6.40 in the GEN2i data recorder:

Remote control for "Start" and "Stop"

This feature can be used to start and stop the measurement via TTL signal. This can be useful if there is no access to GEN2i and the measurement has to be started remotely. This also makes it possible to use the output signal of limit value monitoring as the start signal for the measurement.

This function is only supported by 1kV and 16/32-channel recording cards.   

Language selection in the GEN2i instrument panel

The Perception language can now also be selected or changed in the GEN2i instrument panel (touchscreen user interface).


"Sensor Importer" for the Sensor Database

The "Sensor database" option was added to Perception in version 6.30. The sensor database gives users a way to set up measurement channels quickly and error-free.

But what if a large sensor database already exists in another program? How can sensor information be imported into Perception?No one wants to recreate hundreds of sensors.

"Sensor Importer" provides the remedy for this situation. The sensor importer "translates" existing sensor information, importing it almost instantly into Perception.

Functional Enhancements in the Formula Database (Analysis)

The formula database (analysis) now distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, "u" can now be entered for voltage instead of "U" without causing any problems. Conflicts that may occur when older files are loaded are indicated by the syntax check.

Voice Recording

It will now be possible to make voice recordings during measurements to document certain events in the measurement file. This easy-to-use feature is now available as "Voice Recording".

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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