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Power analyzers have been effective for a long time, but now there’s a better alternative.

The game has changed: When testing electric motors, machines and inverters, a power analyzer is like having a good set of cards in your hand. But choosing a modern data recorder is like having the absolute best set of cards.

Power analyzers are often used for analyzing and testing electric machines - inverters, motors, generators. They have been the product of choice for carrying out these tests for decades.

However, are power analyzers good enough for your most important tests? Do they deliver enough measurement channels and signals? Can they withstand dynamic testing? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, it's time to trade in your old hand for a new set of cards.

HBM's new eDrive testing solution uses state-of-the-art data recorders that can replace conventional power analyzers. When used for testing electric machines including inverters, motors, and generators, this solution has many more advantages over power analyzers.

This is the technological breakthrough you have been waiting for, offering:

1. More channels:

Assuming you need 12 measurement channels for combined testing of motors and generators. With an 8-channel power analyzer, you need to buy a second mainframe. This can get expensive - bringing with it all associated device synchronization problems.

Using HBM's modular eDrive testing solution makes the difference: It enables you to conveniently and cost-effectively upgrade your system with competitively priced plug-in boards.

2. More signals and measured quantities:

The number of different signal types that can be measured with conventional power analyzers is very limited. HBM's eDrive testing solution offers more. See for yourself:

3. More information:

Put an end to being limited by results that sometimes are questionable and cannot be verified. HBM's eDrive solution offers more information: unlimited acquisition and full access to all raw data for convenient verification and analysis. Our patented StatStream[JS1]  technology enables you to review all raw data on your PC within a seconds.

4. More dynamics:

Ideal for measurements with alternating loads: Power analyzers are the right solution for measurements with static loads. HBM's eDrive testing system features digital detection of the fundamentals and thus is also suited for dynamic testing.

5. More performance at an affordable price:

Even with the added performance, your total cost in an eDrive testing system would be the same you would spend on power analyzers. Quite possibly, it could end up being even less if additional mainframes have to be purchased for your power analyzers.