Seminar: Working with catman Data Acquisition Software Seminar: Working with catman Data Acquisition Software | HBM

Seminar: Working with catman / Basic Seminar

  1,5 Days Seminar      Various Locations      Level: Starter

This seminar gives you a fast and efficient introduction to the catman data acquisition software! Train step by step to master professional use of various functions for acquiring, realizing and storing your measurement results.

Seminar content:

  • Measurements with catman Easy / catman AP
  • Using the sensor database
  • Configuring DAQ jobs
  • Visualization options for your measured data
  • Offline analysis of measured data
  • Channel and program options
  • Limit value monitoring

Your HBM Academy Plus

Your quick start for working with catman: This seminar is based on numerous practical exercises built into the software—for learning the most important functions intuitively!

Target group:

Beginners in catman.

Prior knowledge:

Not required.