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HBM eDrive Testing is the advanced power analyzer that gives you insight into the inner life of your inverter and electric drive train – which allows your inverter to talk to you. Designed for electrification, unlike other power analyzers, HBM eDrive Testing offers you not only measured data, but also in-depth analysis – available in seconds, not in days, also available for 6-phase machines. Enter the world of true analysis of inverters and electric drive train.


What actually is the award-winning eDrive Testing power analyzer and how does it work? To get a better understanding, watch our eDrive videos.

HBM eDrive Testing: Analyze Electrical Machine Data in Minutes
eDrive Testing: Explained by a user
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Measuring the Parameters of a Transformer Equivalent Circuit Diagram

Used in many different applications, the transformer is one of the most important components in alternating current technology. It is used in electrical energy technology to transform between different voltage levels. To ensure efficient transmission of energy in this case, good efficiency and optimum utilization are required.

Qualification and Verification of High Power Battery Systems

Before a traction battery is introduced in the market, a qualification and verification of those systems is inevitable. A suitable test bench has to cover a high voltage and current range as well as a high dynamic and it should be able to execute the necessary tests as realistically as possible and in an application-oriented manner.

Calculating Power Quantities with Perception Software

Accurate and highly dynamic power measurements are required for assessing and testing electrical drives in industrial applications, and for hybrid and electric vehicles. This article considers the most important power values, along with some examples.

Efficiency and Loss Mapping of AC Motors

Recently electrical machines have become an important topic in many industries including power generation, heating/cooling, transportation and home appliances. With increases in efficiency standards and the increase in battery powered devices, the motor efficiency has become an important topic.

Getting the Back Emf Voltage Constant of Permanent Magnet Motors with Just One Lap Wrist Using

The parameter identification of permanent magnet motors is needed when a new motor prototype must be quickly analyzed. The parameter identification can be performed with complicated tests using inverter and a driving machine, or using simpler methods that do not need any inverter supply and prime movers.

Power Measurements on a 6-Phase Motor

The evaluation and testing of electric drives along with the corresponding control strategies in industrial and electrical mobility applications require precise and highly dynamic power measurements.

Power Measurements on a Pulse Width Modulated Inverter with Perception Software

Accurate and highly dynamic power measurements are required for assessing and testing electric drives in industrial applications, and for hybrid and electric vehicles. To be able to evaluate these measurement results, the function and working method of the drive components must be considered.

Measurement of Resolver Position Using Genesis HighSpeed Data Recorders

The resolver is an electrical machine that is intensively used in synchronous motor drives to measure the rotor position that is needed for the motor control algorithm. Due to its robustness, the resolver is the popular choice in harsh environments, where the electrical motor is subjected to mechanical stresses and vibrations, such as automotive and aerospace applications.

Calculating Space Vector Quantities and the Air-Gap Moment of Asynchronous Motors

Genesis HighSpeed data recorders from HBM are particularly suitable for measurements on inverter-fed AC induction motors. Thanks to their modular design, these measurement systems allow any number of channels while providing high sampling rates.

Calculation and Realization of Measured Quantities in Electrical Energy Technology as Space Vectors with HBM Perception Software

Space vectors are frequently used for clear and concise realization of measured quantities in electrical energy conversion systems such as transformers or induction motors. Additional information regarding the operating state of these energy converters can be determined if the time-dependent space vectors are realized as locus curves in the complex plane.

Measurement of Symmetrical Components in Three-Phase Systems

The growing proportion of renewable energy requires these energy producers to also achieve high reliability and defined behavior in critical operating situations. The symmetrical components method can be used to assess and evaluate the operating points of renewable energy producers.

Application Overview

Watch the short application videos to get more insight into the advanced abilities of HBM's power analyzer.

Understanding the dq0 transform with the HBM eDrive Power Analyzer
Explaining a space vector control


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Application Success Stories

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