eGrid Test Systems: Testing the Grid and Its Components

The HBM eGrid series of Power Meters and Power Analyzers are designed to be used in grid-based applications or to test grid connected components. With their channel count, sample rate and bandwidth they meet all the demands of the relevant standards for grid testing. 
Special analysis routines as needed for grid testing, like Phazor diagrams or computation of symmetrical components, are available. Also, THD or Harmonic Analysis can be done. 
And the POWER METERS offer an easy to use yet modern user interface, based on a web server technology allowing you to use YOUR mobile device to display the meter readings. 

  • 3 or 6 power channels 
  • Certified inputs with 1000 V CAT IV
  • Direct connection of current transducers or current clamps 


  • Accuracy 0.015% reading + 0.02% range
  • High accuracy even at very low power factors  
  • High bandwidth to allow Harmonic Analysis to very high order numbers 

Highest possible accuracy – at nearly every power factor 


  • Can grow from entry level METER to high end ANALYZER 
  • Add more channels if needed 
  • Add raw data storage if needed 

Easy to use – both browser or PC based


  • Meter display on your mobile device 
  • PC software with Scope, FFT and Phazor displays 
  • Enter user formulas if needed  
  • Harmonic Analysis option 

Value for money – modern meter approach in affordable package 

Power Meter Applications in Grid Related Tests 

eGrid Power Meters offer 3 or 6 power channels and a sample rate of 200 kS/s. They come with an embedded POWER METER server which allows to use them with any mobile device with a browser, even your mobile phone. The connection is done using Ethernet.


Type/Part NumberMainframeSample Rate# of Power Channels
Standard / Maximum
eGrid Meter 3ch
200 kS/s3 / 6Power Meter Server App
eGrid Meter 6ch
200 kS/s6 / 6Power Meter Server App


Options include embedded SSD for raw data storage, CAN bus result output option, artificial star adapter, current transducers, high voltage probes, and much more. Please order proper input cables for current and voltage when needed.


R&D Power Analyzer Applications in Grid Related Tests

eGrid Power Analysers offer 3 or 6 power channels with a sample rate of 200 kS/s; they can be expanded in channel count, or with mechanical inputs like acceleration or temperatur, or with higher sample rate input boards. They use Perception Enterprise / ePower software offering the usability and performance of a POWER ANALYZER combined with the flexibility of a DAQ system. “t” mainframes are used using an external PC, while “I” systems feature an integrated WIN10 PC. 


Type/Part NumberMainframeSample Rate# of Power ChannelsSoftware
eGrid Analyzer 3ch
200 kS/s3 / 6 Perception Enterprise / ePower,
needs external PC
eGrid Analyzer 6ch
200 kS/s6 / 6 Perception Enterprise / ePower,
needs external PC
eGrid Analyzer 6ch
200 kS/s6 / 12 Perception Enterprise / ePower,
needs external PC
eGrid Analyzer 3ch
200 kS/s3 / 9Perception Enterprise / ePower,
running on embedded WIN 10 PC with Touchscreen and SSD
eGrid Analyzer 6ch
200 kS/s6 / 9Perception Enterprise / ePower,
running on embedded WIN 10 PC with Touchscreen and SSD


Pending from the mainframe type, options include embedded SSD for raw data storage, more power inputs, other inputs for mechanical signals like acceleration or temperatures, CAN input and outputs, EtherCAT real time interface, artificial star adapter, current transducers, high voltage probes, and much more. Please order proper input cables for current and voltage when needed. 

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