What's new in Perception 6.18?

Perception 6.18 offers the following new major features:

  • Overview and setup table for all channels of the GEN2i user interface
  • New functions (“Save a copy as - …between cursors as PNRF” and “Save a copy as - …displayed area as PNRF”) added to Perception and GEN2i user interface.

Setup Table

The new setup table provides an overview of all channel settings and enables these settings to be changed, if necessary.

For example, the “Copy”, “Paste” and “Copy to …” functions make it easy to set up all channels, especially when two 32 channel boards are used in a GEN2i.

Save Copy As...

The “Save a copy as …” function allows the user to save a copy of a recording “between cursors” and as the “Display area”.

For example, after a recording the user can select a point of interest in the recording by zooming (then we have the displayed area) or by using the cursors. Selecting the “Save as a copy …” function will save a copy of the original data.

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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