The TOP Transfer force transducers comply with the most demanding requirements for precision measurements prevailing in international comparison measurements, for example. The specifications are far beyond the data specified in the respective standards. Our extensive knowledge in the field of precision measurement technique and the experience gained from our continuous co-operation with National Institutes have enabled us to develop this transducer.

The TOP Transfer transducer series with TEDS provides two types:

  • TOP-Z30A
  • TOP-Z4A for the wide range of nominal (rated) forces from 100 N to 500 kN. A unique feature here is that the transducers can be used for both compressive and tensile loading, already with a nominal (rated) force of 100 N. Of course, the force application parts recommended in the standard are available for both directions of stress.

One of the outstanding features of the transducers is their repeatability of measurements which is up to ten times better than required in the ISO 376 force calibration standards. Long-term stability measurements have demonstrated that the sensitivity change for these transducer types does not exceed 0.002% per year. Hence, the TOP Transfer transducers are suited for both, transfer measurements from calibration machines to National Standards and for the comparison of force standards provided by the national institutes world-wide.

For a 100% guarantee of the specifications, the transducer is only delivered in conjunction with a DKD calibration certificate. It is important that the transducer is connected to a high precision amplifier. Here, we recommend to use HBM’s DMP40 precision amplifier which provides the unique accuracy of 0.0005% and a resolution of 2,000,000 digits. TEDS, the integrated electronic datasheet in the Z30A TOP Transfer transducer, spares you the manual setup of measurement parameters in the amplifier. Achieve a greater measurement certainty with TEDS. It also helps you to eliminate mistakes that can occur with manual setup.

Protection systemIP50 / IP67
Direction of forcetensile / compressive

Key Features

  • Ultimate precision force transducer for international comparative measurements
  • Tensile/compressive force transducer
  • Nominal forces 100 N...500 kN
  • Excellent rel. reproducibility and repeatability errors
  • Good long-term stability
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)

TOP-Transfer Product Literature

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